Jung Do

Washington State Premier
Family Martial Arts & Character Development Academy

Since 2008

Little Tigers

Preschool martial arts classes. Little Tigers martial arts is a fun new activity for your 4 or 5 year old child.

Children’s Classes

Teaching kids success skills for life!
We offer a flexible class schedule after school. Ages 6 – 12

Teen & Adult

Teen & adult program that engages each person physically and mentally

Family Classes

Family martial arts classes in Jung Do Taekwondo Academy is a great family activity!

Jung Do Taekwondo Academy

Emphasizes the traditional values of discipline, hard work, practice, control and focus. We believe martial arts benefits everyone! Taekwondo develops better health, flexibility, reaction time, focus, poise, and most of all stronger character. Children will learn respect, and focus through hard work and perseverance, they can do almost anything, including earn their black belt! Our goal is to teach each student to reach his or her full potential.

Birthday Parties

Our Jung Do Taekwondo birthday parties are always a huge success!  Parents tell us that our parties are the best they’ve ever had!  Let out party hosts plan your child’s next party!

Summer Camps

Jung Do Taekwondo Academy hosts a special annual summer camp for children 12 and under, complete with lessons, games and plenty of fun and excitement for your child!

Look what our students & families have to say

I have been with Jung Do Taekwondo Academy for 7-8 years.  I have enjoyed the family class with my boys and daughter.  I really enjoy spending quality time with my kids while exercising.

My daughter started Taekwondo a little over a year ago when she was four years old.  I’ve seen her grow and develop.  She has become more stronger and confident where as before she would not like to try new things.  Now, she likes being around other people and learning with her peers.  She is having lots of fun in her class.

We really love the program at Jung Do Taekwondo.  My kids have tried other sports and other activities and we just didn’t feel that same sense of dedication.  The instructors are excellent with the children with lots of patience.